ASIC: Simulation Controller

My Role

My efforts focused around the initial design and wireframing of the Simulation Controller. I also conducted user research using methods such as interviews, surveys, and frequent design reviews in order to address both user behavior and attitudes.

The Problem

One of the greatest strengths of the ASIC lab was to walk through customers through different real world scenarios in an environment similar to a typical flight control center. We needed the ability to control basic aspects of the simulation, such as playing, pausing, and rewinding. But also needed the ability to quickly alter the simulation based on customer questions, and to demonstrate various inputs to KPIs.

The Solution

A web-based iPad application was designed and developed to allow a member of the ASIC team to control the simulation while being mobile and interactive with the customer presentation. The mobility of the controller also allowed the customers to see how different events affected various KPIs and allowed them to actively update multiple properties.