Research and Development: Multi-touch Cockpit Interface for Radio Control

A system and method for controlling an aircraft system. An operator interaction with a control is received. The control comprises an image representing a hardware control for controlling the aircraft system. The image representing the hardware control is changed to represent a change in a state of the control in response to receiving the operator interaction. The aircraft system is operated in the manner indicated by the state of the control as represented in the image.

My Role

I worked alongside the primary researcher for the project.

The Problem

As systems grow in functionality and complexity the physical space constraints of the airline cockpit become more apparent.

Constraints and Limitations

We are constrained to the physical footprint of

Our Process

The Results

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A representation of a center control console with three radio hardware interfaces.
Skeuomorphic hardware design.
Skeuomorphic dial.
Skeuomorphic discrete switch.
Skeuomorphic momentary switch.